• Junior Program APPLICATION Form Winter 2022/23

  • All students NEW to Pass Academy, ages 7 and older, MUST SCHEDULE a free EVALUATION with our tennis staff PRIOR to a Fall/Winter/Spring application submission. Schedule an Evaluation Here
    Additional options are available at Bullis School, passacademybullis.com.
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  • Winter October 31st - April 9th

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    Additional options are available at Pass Academy at Bullis.
  • PA KIDS: Ages 12 & under. The focus is on player development, using a modified ball and specific techniques in learning the game of tennis.
  • There are no options available for this field.

    All PAK classes all full.
  • BEGINNER / INTERMEDIATE: Ages 11-14. At the Beginner/Intermediate level, the program’s goals are to teach boys and girls basic tennis skills and strategies in a fun, encouraging and enthusiastic environment. Emphasis is placed on developing tennis skills, along with confidence and a positive attitude.
  • There are no options available for this field.

    All BI classes are full.
  • DEVELOPING TOURNAMENT: Ages 9-14. This is an intensive program for Intermediate and Advanced boys and girls. The training is devoted to instructional sessions on court, physical conditioning to develop strength and speed, extensive drilling to sharpen all strokes, and competitive play.
  • HIGH SCHOOL VARSITY: Ages 13-18. This program consists primarily of players who are currently on their High School Varsity team along with players who would like to improve their tennis skills.
  • There are no options available for this field.

    All High School classes are full.
  • Medical Authorization & Release

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    By dating above, in an emergency, when I/we cannot be contacted, I/we hereby authorize the staff of the Pass Academy to take my/our child to the emergency room of the nearest hospital. I/we authorize that hospital and its medical staff to provide treatment deemed necessary for the well-being of my/our child.
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
    By dating above, I agree to hold the Pass Academy and Potomac Swim & Tennis Club harmless for injury or loss that may occur as a result of my participation in Pass Academy activities.
    I give permission for photos of my child participating in Pass Academy at Potomac Swim & Tennis Club programs to be taken and used for the Pass Academy Website and/or Facebook page. We understand that if students are identified, only their first names will be used.